In October 2019, we unanimously voted to bring Rev. Micah Felber as our pastor.

Salvation Testimony

I was reconciled to God in 1992 on a Monday morning. I must have been told something about heaven the day before and it was still on my mind. My parents were going to heaven so I had always assumed that I would go there too. I wanted to get to see the streets of gold in heaven but that day realized that I would never be able to do so because I had violated God’s law and thereby permanently separated myself from Him. I knelt down in the hallway of my home in Indianapolis, humbled myself before God, confessed my trespasses to him, asked Him to forgive my offenses, and was gloriously reconciled!

Call to Ministry

From a very young age, I was open to full time ministry. Both my father and my grandfather are godly Baptist pastors so I have seen from a young age both the blessings and the heartaches of full time service. I surrendered to full time ministry during my teenage years and have seen confirmation of that calling through a perpetual desire and true giftedness for the ministry.

Preparation for Ministry

I received a Bachelor of Arts in Bible from Bob Jones University in 2012 and a Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies from Bob Jones University in 2014. While in school, I served as an intern for two summers at Northside Baptist Church (2009 & 2011), camp counselor at the Wilds Christian Camp for one summer (2010), and another summer as intern at Temple Baptist Church in Dade City, FL (2014).

From 2015-2017, I served as assistant pastor at Northside Baptist Church of North Charleston, SC. One month after joining the Northside staff, I married Abby Offord.

From 2017-2019, I served as assistant pastor at Temple Baptist Church of Dade City, FL. Two months after joining their staff, Temple Baptist Church ordained me to the gospel ministry.

I am currently enrolled in Bob Jones University’s MDiv program and will complete the program from a distance as God allows.

Current Ministry

Since 2019, I have served as Pastor at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Millville, PA.

Burden for Ministry

My burden is to glorify God through building His church. I have a passion for preaching God’s word and sharing His truth. I love working with people and helping them succeed. My wife shares and supports my burden for ministry.